My name is Elizabeth Barr and I am a licensed Zumba® and Bokwa® Instructor

in the Greater Rochester, MI area.  Both formats of classes are FUN and SUPER EASY TO FOLLOW!


  • What moves me and you? MUSIC
  • What makes us feel happy? MOVING and DANCING
  • What is a great way to take care of your body and mood while being with other fun people?

         You guessed it!  ZUMBA® and BOKWA®

Personally, I have been sweating it out in Zumba® classes since the fall of 2010.  After an unplanned opening for an instructor in 2011, I jumped at the opportunity!  I have a background in dance, having taken years of competitive classes.  Kettlebell AMPD is my newest certification (and borderline obsession!).  After finding this new class, I decided to fill a need in my area.  I jumped at another opportunity!  Check out the tabs across the top for a bit of a description of both forms of classes. 


I gain my energy by being with you!  When we all come to class, we get that full hour of uninterrupted, stress-free time.  Why do something that we hate?  Why struggle over and over again to get yourself to go to something that you don't see results all over your body or to a workout that you never even break a sweat?  LET GET UP AND MOVE!! 

Hopefully I'll get to meet you SOON!!